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So, after you have pitched the next big idea during our “AM I Innovative” Program, our priority lies in getting things done for you. We engage with students, institutes and the industry in sync and create an ambience that is conducive for growth and creativity. Creators Hub is an initiative of VermacLabs to push the envelope further in terms of achieving the impossible and understanding the minute details behind the process that goes into building a product or service.

We understand that the right mentorship can play an important role in shaping a student or professional’s career path. We thereby, group together the ideas of students and lead them forward with assistance from panel our professional experts and help them seek financial assistance to fund their dream projects.

Analyzing each facet of the student’s project not only helps them derive a healthy feedback mechanism but also maintains the standards essential to creative exceptional projects. Creators Hub is our way to encourage students to think against the norm and build world class products and services that will bring about a meaningful change in the society.

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