Perspectives on High-Performance Computing in a Big Data World

Series of videos on the perspectives on High-Performance Computing in a Big Data World

About Course

There are mainly two types of people in the scientific computing world: those who produce data and those who consume it. Those who have models and generate data from those models, a process known as ‘simulation’, and those who have data and infer models from the data (‘analytics’).

Simulations often require large amount of computations so they are often run on generic High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures built on a cluster of powerful high-end machines linked together with high-bandwidth low-latency networks. The cluster is often augmented with hardware accelerators (co-processors such as GPUs or FPGAs) and a large and fast parallel filesystem, all setup and tuned by systems administrators. By contrast, in analytics, the focus is on the storage and access of the data so analytics is often performed on a BigData infrastructure suited for the problem at hand. Those infrastructure offer specific data stores and are often installed in a more or less self-service way on a public or private ‘Cloud’ typically built on top of ‘commodity’ hardware.


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Why should I take this course?

Big Data analysis can be extremely time and resource consuming. Luckily, there is a solution that’s no stranger to complex analysis and data evaluation: High Performance Computing (HPC). In this course you’ll learn about HPC in a Big Data World.

How important is HPC for Big Data?

Big Data requires the right HPC infrastructure and resources to support the high-performance data analytics that power artificial intelligence applications. Traditional enterprise IT technology can’t handle the complex and time-critical workloads that these applications require.

Where is HPC used?

Deployed on premises, at the edge, or in the cloud, HPC solutions are used for a variety of purposes across multiple industries. Examples include: Research labs. HPC is used to help scientists find sources of renewable energy, understand the evolution of our universe, predict and track storms, and create new materials.

What is cluster computing framework?

Cluster computing or High-Performance computing frameworks is a form of computing in which a bunch of computers (often called nodes) are connected through a LAN (local area network) so that they behave like a single machine.