React and Redux Online Course

Detailed walk through on advanced React and Redux concepts

About Course

React is a library with so much power, but so few strong opinions. So building something significant requires a large number of decisions and work to build the foundation. Learn how to use React, Redux, React Router, and modern JavaScript to build powerful and fast React applications from the ground up. Use Webpack, Babel, ESLint, npm scripts, Jest, React Testing Library, Enzyme, and more. Create a rapid feedback development environment that runs linting and tests, transpiles modern JavaScript, runs a local webserver, opens the application, and reloads changes when you hit save. Deploy with a single command. This course lays out a clear path for building robust, scalable React applications using today's modern and popular technologies.


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  • Assessments will there on weekly basis. Pre and post training assessment are included to rate yourself after the learning.
  • Course Completion Certificate will be provided.

Why should I learn Redux?

Managing state is a hard problem when it comes to Angular. There is a need to coordinate multiple backends, web workers, and UI components, all of which update the state concurrently. Patterns like Redux make some of this coordination explicit. It is the most popular state management library for React apps

Why should I learn React?

React boosts developers’ productivity. It helps write clean and modular code, it breaks the code into separate components, and allows code reuse. Learning it will help you understand the patterns that have been popularized by it in Web development.

Why should I learn Redux with React?

Redux can be used for any UI layer but it is most useful when combined with a declarative view implementation that can infer the UI updates from the state changes, such as React. Hence, Redux with React has become one of the most popular combinations.

Who uses Redux?

Several popular companies like Instagram, Robinhood, Stack and Revolut. use Redux.