Machine Learning for Cloud Services

Machine Learning and Optimization at a high level for students using projects. Clustering is main focus

About Course

What is the connection between Machine learning and Cloud computingMachine learning systems were too costly and too complex for most enterprises in the past. The cloud is changing all that. The trend today is machine learning, which is a form of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to learn from data.


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  • Our emphasize is more on practical based learning. 
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  • We are associated with 500+ corporates.
  • Standout performers will be projected for placements in these corporates based on requirements.
  • Every session will be recorded and will be available on our LMS (Learning Management System) and students will have life time access to it. 
  • We provide Interview Guidelines to help in better understanding of industry requirements and expectations. 
  • Our trainings are available online and offline mode.
  • We focus and prefer Instructor Led Live training programs.
  • Assessments will there on weekly basis. Pre and post training assessment are included to rate yourself after the learning.
  • Course Completion Certificate will be provided.

Why should I take this course

Machine Learning is the rave of the moment. Tons of companies are going all out to hire competent engineers, as ML is gradually becoming the brain behind business intelligence. Through it, businesses are able to master consumers’ preferences thereby increasing profits. On the other hand every company is moving over to cloud for storage, servers, computing etc therefore ML models dealing with huge data has a lot to do with cloud services. So if you want to learn how machine learning is performed through cloud services this course is for you.

Why is machine learning used in cloud services

Many open-source and proprietary machine-learning systems support the types of predictions described above, and they've been around for years. However, the cost of these systems, in terms of hardware and software, was until recently out of reach for most enterprises. Moreover, even if a business could afford it, it typically did not have the machine-learning talent required to design the prediction models or deal with the data science required.

Is cloud computing knowledge required for Machine Learning practitioners

As machine learning deals with large amounts of data in real time applications there is a need to handle big data and with rising deep learning models one should be aware of using sophisticated computing tools which requires basic knowledge of cloud services.

What are prerequisites to master ML and Cloud services

To master machine learning, one should be aware of the basics of linear algebra, calculus and statistics. Knowledge of python programming is preferrable. To learn cloud services basic knowledge of operating systems specifically linux and software programming concepts are needed.