Am I Innovative?

Validation of your ‘Eureka’ Moment by experts!

We believe that there is a certain next bill gates or a Zuckerberg, carefully drafting his/her big business idea in the corner of the college library.

VermacLabs offers a unique platform for students to come forward and express their interest regarding their dream project. The platform is aptly titled as AM I Innovative?

So, what can educational institutions who rely on us expect out of this program?

VermacLabs team’s combined global experience of mentoring start-ups, corporate entities and leaders who made it big in the industry. And, a personal commitment and guidance to the students from our highly experienced and knowledge team that possesses unbeatable business acumen and caliber.

AM I Innovative acts as a launchpad for students who are at the nascent stages of drafting the business plan for their dream project. It is also an opportunity for team building, collaboration and knowledge sharing within a student group to work in sync to pitch their ideas and get validated by our team of experts. This is the best way for students to understand the nuances of leadership, time management, communication and assessing their skill sets. AM I Innovative program by VermacLabs pushes the pedestal to engage students actively on solving problems and finding solutions.

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